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The history of the method
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The Pilates method was developed 90 years ago, in America, by Joseph Hubertus Pilates who, by having a deep knowledge of the human physiology, wanted to create a qualitative and fulfilled way of exercise. For this purpose he combined the basic principles of yoga and other traditional methods of exercise deriving by the eastern philosophies with the dynamic of the modern western methods..

“We are as young as our spine is”

Joseph Pilates supported his entire method on that sentence. The right body posture that depends on the right support of the spine, the empowerment and the strengthening of the muscles is the basis of Pilates and, by extension the basis for the right function of our body. Joseph Pilates` philosophy said that if we can control our center (that means our back, our abdominal and back muscles) we can control everything in our lives. You work your body inside to outside and that is a fact that brings more duration to the result, in comparison to other types of exercise. The right breathing, the movement flow, the concentration, the balance and the body control are some of the basic elements that surround this method.