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Studio Pilates 15 was created by Elisabeth (Lisa) Pantelidou who was born and raised in Kifisia.
She studied the Law in the Fribourg University of Switzerland. At the same time she was involved with exercise and dancing. She returned to Greece to practice the law and she created a family which has three children. At some point, she started having some problems with her spine, due to the scoliosis that had come up and that was the spark for her, in 2004, to discover Pilates. It helped her entire body, her physical fitness and made her spine healthier by moderating her problem.
Being excited with this method that perfectly combines alignment, control, power and suppleness; she decided to study it in depth and to get professionally involved with its` teaching in 2013. She completed her training by obtaining the diploma Comprehensive Pilates Instructor by the Balanced Body University. Her thirst for knowledge made her attend many seminars of known and recognized educational institutions for the restoration of  hips, knees, shoulders, spines, osteoporosis, pregnancy, breast cancer and many others by the top teachers of this method in Greece but in international seminars abroad too.
Pilates never stops inspiring her and she is trying, in an everyday basis, to incorporate the principals of it to her practice and her life too.  
Her personal goal is to inspire men and women to love their body and to change their daily life.